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Windshield Replacement for Fleet Providers

Fleet managers are responsible for ensuring vehicles are properly maintained, allowing drivers to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency. However, damaged windshields caused by stone chips, road collisions, and other accidents can prevent cars from being used and keep drivers off the road. At Windshield ShatterFix, we can provide windshield replacement and repairs for fleet managers to help them get drivers back on the road as soon as possible and minimize downtime costs.

Replace or Repair Your Windshield Today

At Windshield ShatterFix, we can provide superior windshield repairs as well as windshield replacement for fleet managers. Contact us today for more information on Fleet Services.

Car battery replacements delivered and installed 24/7

Flat battery or just time for a replacement? We will be there On the Spot (At your Doorstep). Our mobile car battery service is available to Fleet Partners, with a range of high-quality batteries from Exide and Amaron at competitive prices. If it's urgent, call us and we'll be there within 45 minutes (approx), depending on traffic. Alternatively, you can contact us for a time and place that suits you.

Car Cleaning

Fleets with their busy schedule plying almost 24 hours hardly find any time for cleaning their cars. We can help them clean their cars at their convenience On the Spot with a prior appointment in a span of 45 minutes with our expert team.

Headlight and Bumper Repair

In case of an accident, the most commonly damaged parts are the bumpers and headlights. Fleets cannot afford to carry their services with ugly looking cars with these damages. At the same time, their downtime going to an accidental bodyshop to get these repairs is very high. With our expert team, we can handle damages like broken lug of the bumper and broken mounting bracket of a headlight in just 60 minutes.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

If you need more information, the team at Windshieldshatterfix can help. Contact our friendly staff to learn more and discuss your requirements, or request a quote online.