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Windshield ShatterFix is one of the largest independently-owned auto glass companies in the country, and has been America's trusted choice since 1999. Whether it's your front windshield, rear window, driver's or passenger's side window or a quarter glass, Windshield ShatterFix services every make and model with OEM quality glass to ensure a perfect glass-to-frame fit. With our free mobile service, our trained and certified technicians will come to your home or workplace at no extra charge.

When you add it all together: OEM quality glass, free mobile service, nationwide lifetime workmanship warranty and competitive prices, Windshield ShatterFix is the right choice for all your glass replacement needs.

Windshield ShatterFix uses Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality glass. Using the same quality of glass installed in the vehicle when it was originally built makes Windshield ShatterFix replacements the safest available option.

12 Reasons Why We Choose Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Quality Glass

  1. OEM quality auto glass is float glass made from the highest quality raw materials.
  2. OEM quality auto glass undergoes thorough inspection technology which targets 100 million measurements per second.
  3. OEM quality auto glass has excellent windshield optical quality and clarity.
  4. OEM quality auto glass undergoes a computer analysis for glass bending simulation, tooling design, and glass contour and clarity.
  5. OEM quality auto glass contains ceramic paints made for specific urethane adhesion and UV light transmission requirements.
  6. OEM quality auto glass has the proper surface shape and contour for smooth wiper blade performance.
  7. OEM quality auto glass contains solar control performance for improved efficiency and comfort.
  8. OEM quality auto glass is developed from studies conducted at R&D facilities worldwide for leading technology.
  9. OEM quality auto glass is Certified "OE" or "OE-Style" which ensures glass-to-frame fitment.
  10. OEM quality auto glass is PVB layer assembled to provide superior solar protection in a quality controlled environment to eliminate contamination.
  11. OEM quality auto glass is quality checked at various points to ensure safety and glass to car installation requirements.
  12. OEM quality auto glass designers work with car manufacturers to ensure proper fit and structural support for the vehicle.

Still not convinced you need OEM quality glass? Take a look below and see the difference in fit between an OEM quality windshield and a non-OEM quality windshield, that's a lot of adhesive to fill that big gap. Safety starts with a windshield that PERFECTLY fits your car's frame.

OEM Quality Glass vs. NON-OEM Quality Glass- the Smart Choice

All Windshield ShatterFix installations carry a nationwide lifetime warranty on workmanship. In addition, our affordable rates do not include any hidden fees. When you add it all together: free mobile service, OEM quality glass, lifetime warranty on workmanship and reasonable rates, Windshield ShatterFix is the right choice for all your auto glass replacement needs. Choose OEM Quality Glass ...the only safe choice

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